Every member of the Cobblestone Ridges Homeowner’s Association has a legal right to request and/or review the financial documents of the Association. However, to protect the security of the Association, detailed accounting records will not be available online. HOA members may request the Annual Budget, latest Financial Statement, or current year’s Tax Filing either in writing or through the provided link: Request for Financial Disclosure.

Note:  These documents will only be provided to HOA members or First Mortgagees.

The Cobblestone Ridges Homeowner’s Association assesses an annual fee of $250 for every Lot. In general, this fee covers

  • Electricity for common areas
  • Irrigation water for common areas only
  • Landscape maintenance for common areas only
  • Irrigation system maintenance and repair for common areas
  • Lawn mowing, aeration, fertilization and pest control for common areas
  • Weed control, bed cleanup, and pruning for common areas
  • Accounting services
  • Administrative costs associated with governing the HOA
  • Legal services

Firms that have been retained to provide various services to the Cobblestone Ridges Homeowner’s Association are listed below:

Landscape Maintenance Services

Lawn mowing, aeration, fertilization, weed & pest control; weed pulling & bed cleanup; and sprinkler system maintenance:
Andy Gurzick
Maple Leaf Landscaping & Maintenance, Inc.
Ph: (970) 234-9691