The Cobblestone Ridges Homeowners Association (HOA) welcomes you to your new home. The HOA hopes you will be an active participant in helping your new neighborhood maintain its current level of excellence.

Please read through your copy of the Cobblestone covenants (which are required by law to be provided to you by the seller before closing) or view them on this web site.  New homeowners are required to register with the Association.  This registration provides the Board with the necessary contact information so that we can disseminate the following information to you annually (as required by law):

  • contact information for the Board and ACC members
  • notification of upcoming HOA and Board meetings
  • detailed financial information (upon request)
  • detailed insurance information (upon request)

Your name and address will be shared with the other Association members as required by law.  Any other information will be kept confidential by the Board.

The covenants are designed to protect the property values and aesthetics of the neighborhood.  Our homes are increasingly valuable and the covenants are actively enforced to maintain that value for all homeowners.  Some common violations are parking trailers/RVs/boats, trash cans, weeds, and improvements to property without notification (Architectural Control Committee (ACC) review).

HOA Board members are your neighbors. Their goal is to help everyone achieve the personal “look” each homeowner wants for their property while maintaining the overall excellence of Cobblestone Ridges.  The names of the Board members are listed below:

HOA Board members:
Frank Margos, President

Rick Beauheim, Vice President
Marnie Margos, Treasurer and Acting Secretary

To contact the board via email, click here:

Information concerning covenant violations may be given directly to any board member, anonymously if preferred. Property improvement plans may be mailed directly to any Board member.

Cobblestone Ridges’ annual dues are $250 per year, billed shortly after budget approval.  An annual budget will be submitted to homeowners for their approval at the annual meeting.  These dues pay for street lighting; irrigation, grounds maintenance, replacement landscaping, and liability insurance for the common areas; accounting and property management fees, and any special events approved at the annual meeting.

The Cobblestone Ridges HOA annual meeting is held in the Fall of each year.   An invitation, meeting agenda, and proxy will be mailed or emailed to all Cobblestone Ridges members several weeks ahead of time so that everyone can add it to their schedule.  During the meeting we review finances, discuss action items, and elect new officers (if applicable), etc.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet your neighbors and express your opinions and/or concerns. Your new neighbors and Board members invite and encourage you to attend.